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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Highest Paid Public Employees

The above map really demonstrates how completely insane higher education has become.

That's a map of highest paid public employees, by state.

State by state, every state, the highest paid public employee is in higher education. Not the governor, not a senator, not some life-saver...but someone in higher education.

Yes, most of it is coaches, so I guess the time for me to talk about the immense fraud of college athletics draws nigh...but the fact remains, higher education is a system of plunder, devoid of integrity. All the money poured into higher education has not gone to education, or to educators.

The average salary for men's college basketball coaches in the NCAA Tournament is $1.5 million, not including bonuses. That ranges from Mike Young $171,000 to Mike Krzyzewski - $9.7 million.

And these are some of the highest paid public employees along with College Football Coaches.
For them...

Todd Berry from Louisiana-Monroe makes $288,268, which is peanuts compared to Nick Saban of Alabama who smiles in at $5,545,852.

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