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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why did Alex Hribal go on a stabbing rampage? Victim of bullying?

Why did Alex Hribal go on a stabbing rampage? Victim of bullying?

Alex Hribal has this afternoon been identified as the 16 year old perpetrator who went on a stabbing rampage at Franklin Regional High School student in Murrysville, Pennsylvania early this morning.

During his outburst of violence, the youth who has since been apprehended and detained for questioning, Hribal allegedly 20 people–19 students and a security guard–before being wrestled to the ground by another guard and an assistant principal, Sam King.

Sam King, Franklin Regional HS assistant principal wrestled knife out of 16 year old

Nate Scimio pulls the alarm on Pennsylvania school stabber. Takes hospital selfie

Why were 20 students injured in stabbings at Pennsylvanian high school?

The epochtimes notes that Alex Hribal’s Facebook page contains little information, although there is a mentioning of Adolf Hitler.

Despite the severity of some student’s injuries, up to five were said to be critically injured, all of the victims are expected to survive.

Why did Alex Hribal go on a stabbing rampage? Victim of bullying?

As of yet no official reason has been offered as to what triggered the attack, but police are looking into whether there was a ‘threatening phone call’ between Alex and another student the night before the attack.

In coming to terms with why Alex Hribal may have went about his assault, students who knew the stabber told that he may have been bullied.

Reiterated one user on twitter: ‘Yeah the kid may have been bullied. But you still have to be a piece of [expletive] to stab someone and try to take someone’s life,’

Reiterated junior Gracey Evans via the Pittsburgh Post Gazette: ‘I saw this kid in all black running down the hallway, stabbing,’

‘He was just stabbing everybody that was in his way.’

The stabbing motion is consistent with the sophomore student indiscriminately running down the hallway slashing at any one he could, perhaps in the belief that the whole school was guilty with the woe he had come to feel as the purported result of bullying.

The ibtimes has reiterated not much is known about Alex, although a Franklin Regional High School student told ABC News that he was a ‘pretty normal kid.’

Assuming normal kids dont take to violently stabbing fellow school students.

Murrysville police Chief Thomas Seefeld said the bloody crime scene at the school, some 15 miles east of Pittsburgh, was “vast” and may take a couple days to process.

Seefeld added that the suspect sustained injuries to his hand and was being treated for his wounds.

Heavy reports that one student told Fox News that the suspect came from a ‘good family.’

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