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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gunman who massacred 12 at movie premiere used same drugs that killed Batman star Heath Ledger

Until a year ago James Eagan Holmes was regarded as an almost model citizen, a clean-cut all-American boy.
Sporty, family-minded, a brilliant scholar, the boy from the beach city of San Diego, California, appeared destined for a life of fulfilment.
‘He washed the car for his parents, he cut the grass, he played soccer,’ said Tom Mai, who has lived next to the Holmes family for 15 years.

Police believe he had grown fixated by the Batman films and there are unconfirmed reports he became hooked on the narcotic prescription painkiller Vicodin, which was found in the system of Heath Ledger, the actor who played the Joker. Ledger died of an overdose in 2008.

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