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Monday, February 27, 2012

Chardon High School Shooting News: Tweets From Students

Tweets from students during and after this morning's school shooting. (Please note: these tweets were compiled during a breaking news situation.)

  1. Reports of a shooter at the school came just before 8am ET.

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    School in lockdown. Kid with a gun. Oh shit.
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    Shots in the school. What the heck. This is messed up.
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    #Prayforus Gunman in the school.
  5. The school immediately went in lockdown as police & FBI descended on the scene to evacuate the students.

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    Breaking news...Chardon high school on lockdown this morning! possible gun man follow channel 3 news and on Star 97.1 for more info
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    It is CONFIRMED -- A shooting at Chardon HS--- the HS is on lockdown
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    FBI on scene of school shooting in Chardon, OH. FBI SWAT team there for security, other FBI agents assisting with investigation.
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    Saw the cops :) that's a relief :) thank god!
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    #prayforchardon we are evacuated.
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    sat it my classroom listening to people calling parents and crying, thinking about movies ive seen of 9/11. This stuff actually happens.
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    Finally being evacuated. #thankgod
  13. Some speculated as to who fired the shots.

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    School Shooter is T.J. Lane...STOP GUN VIOLENCE NOW. t
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    Chardonn Ohio high school shooting TJ lane 1 shooter, pretty sure. I hope stiff penalties for those shooting. Gun free zones? Again?
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    Does anyone have any serious details on #ChardonShooting I'm hearing rumors of a T.J. Lane and an Evan Erasmus. Any of this accurate?
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    It has been confirmed through law enforcement shooter was Chardon junior T.J. Lane, who is in police custody. #chardonshooting
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    #Chardon shooting victim Nate Mueller, whose ear was grazed, identifies shooter as T.J. Lane.
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    Freshman yearbook picture of alleged shooter at Chardon High School: TJ Lane -
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    A student at #Chardon High School told @wews alleged shooter tweeted threat last night, but nobody paid attention
  22. The shooter was silent throughout the attack.

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    "He was silent the whole time,” #Chardon shooting victim Nate Mueller said. “That’s what made it so random.”
  24. During and after the lockdown, students tweeted how scary it was.

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    scariest thing ive ever experienced.... love you all. #chardonhighschool
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    Scariest day of my life....
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    #PrayForChardon five victims. scariest day of my life.
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    Praying for everyone in chardon...scariest day of my life cant stop crying i hope everyones okay...
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    ive never seen so many people cry at one time.
  30. For a long time, information was hard to come by.

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    Anybody hear a full story yet? This is crazy..
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    The news is making me uneasy.
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    I hate the media sometimes...
  34. Though many escaped unharmed...

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    barely made it past 18 #thankfultweet
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    Thankful for the safety of all my friends. Love you guys. Stay strong.
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    going home now. thankful for everything I have. stay strong chardon kids. #prayforchardon
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    So thankful that my sisters are safe. So sad about Chardon. :( Love all of you!
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    Wow. Nate. You are so lucky. Second chance at life. Do something with this opportunity.
  40. ...the ones who were shot were mentioned by friends and fellow students on Twitter.

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    the boys shot were nick walzack, nate mueller and russel king
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    Prayers go out to nick walzack Russel king and the other three shot today at chardon.
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    Demetrius, Russel, y'all r awesome. best wishes 2 their families + also Joy Rickers, Nate Mueller, Nick Walzak. luv 2 all of u friends! :(
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    Prayers go out to the victims Nate mueller russel king Demetrius and nick Walzack keep them and there families in ur prayers #god protect
  45. There were reports that some students have died--but for an hour or so these weren't confirmed. That didn't stop the students from tweeting their RIP's. 

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    Some people didn't make it out alive. #prayforchardon
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    RIP Demetrius. <3
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    Rip Demetrius #PrayersForChardon
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    RIP Demetrius #prayforchardon
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    R.i.p Daniel Parmentor

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