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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Biden: Obama Administration Asked Jon Corzine for Advice on Economy

The Obama administration and the DNC have returned $70,000 in campaign contributions to the once valued insider and former MF Global boss Jon Corzine, but it will not erase the fact that Obama and crew are in the back pocket of Wall Street and Goldman Sachs.
Joe Biden admitted as much when he praised Corzine and asked for his advice on the economy

The MF Global scandal is so large, it cannot be swept under the carpet. On Friday of last week, Senator Chuck Grassley, along with 16 other senators, wrote the Attorney General and urged him to “bring justice to the actions of MF Global executives for the potentially illegal misappropriation of funds from the segregated accounts of its commodity customers,” according to Grassley’s Senate web page.
Corzine has played the role of Dumb and Dumber and insists he knows nada about the missing $1.5 billion of customer money, supposedly located in segregated accounts.
In a conversation with a CME auditor, however, a senior MF Global employee said that Corzine knew about the loans that were made from the customer segregated accounts. In other words, he signed off on it. He was CEO and Chairman of MF Global.

Is there a reason this crook is not doing the perp walk yet?

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