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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What to make of : The Terrorist of Oslo!

Rubric of opinion by Marie-France Dessalines

Anders Breivik w drodze z pierwszego przesłuchania


JULY 25, 2011
Norway: Police says Oslo suspect (Anders Behring Breivik) admits facts in massacre, unknown group Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami (Helpers of Global Jihad) is not responsible for attack

The Norwegian man Anders Behring Breivik------------ charged with the attacks in and near Oslo, that killed over 90 people, has admitted “to the facts” of the case, the police and his lawyer said on Sunday, and says he acted alone in a strike eerily foretold in a detailed manifesto calling for a Christian war to defend Europe against the threat of Muslim domination...

The attacks on Friday — a bombing in central Oslo closely followed by a bloody rampage against young people on nearby Utoya Island — was the deadliest attack in this Nordic nation since World War II, and it stunned many in a population of about five million who consider their country to be a haven of peace.

Article of opinion by Marie-France DESSALINES

Norway Killings

Anders Behring Breivik,

Who is Anders Behring Breivik? Breivik is a mass-murderer of nationalistic and ethnic right-wing credo. A Christian fundamentalist. He is 32 years old, a Norwegian citizen “made in” Norway” who went bizark. His attacks are making use of logistic terrorists-mode, of car-bomb explosion and execution.

July 22, 2011.- having car-bombed the Prime Minister’s public office at Oslo town center, A. B. Breivik went on, the same day, to a mass-murderous terrorist type execution at riffle-point consequently claiming the life of 77 young Norwegians and/or immigrants at a political annual Labor Party rally at Utoya Island, very close to Oslo. Captive, the young members had no escape but face cruel death inflicted either by riffle or low temperature thermic-death (jumping into the cold sea).

When the news of the massacre spread on the global media world-net on 22Nd July 2011, it did strike hard for it was not to be expected that a country so peaceful as Norway would ever give birth to such monstrosities, and simultaneously, its people suffer, having witnessing such carnage.

At first it seemed locally logical to impute responsibility to extremists executors: the local Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami was pin- pointed. Could have been any other fundamentalist group-organisation of any foreign-origin because this butchery had/has no apparent Norwegian interface. Instead, it resembled any global Islamic-terrorism-attacks of spiritual realm identical to religious fundamentalists turned extremists. Obviously, this assumption was typical of the the-flow-interpretation of the moment by which the classification of terrorism on the web indicates that such acts bear mostly an exclusive label: Islam.

To their astonishment the Norwegian police soon found out who was the car-bomber and the mass-murderer.
The local and the world- wide press immediately informed:

Anders Behring Breivik is the one man
responsible for this terrorist act.

Who is Anders Behring Breivik?
Breivik is the mass-murderer exploding car-bombs, shouting riffle. He uses an arsenal- seen in terrorists' attacks. It is a chock, this was not expected: he is a nationalist and a good christian but an extremist, let’s say a fundamentalist. Surprisingly enough, He is the killer, the public enemy number one of his own people.

But, incredibly enough, this 32 years old Norwegian is a true citizen “made in” Norway who attacks his own.

His line of defence? He talks to the police,but to his lawyer as well. He is proud to says it flat: He hates Islam! He rejects this new world of humanism that he feels is decadent for his country. Meaning, Breivik is engaged into his own egotistical self-accomplishment: self- protection, self-affirmation, all the way, up to extreme violence. What he perceives as outside perils will be taken down. He calls today as we write this, for the Norwegian Prime Minister to resign.

Violence. This mass- murder has proven to be a terrorist act of huge impact.
He is no immigrant or Islam –as could have been expected- but a genuine son of the house of peaceful Oslo and petrol ultra-rich Norway. Yes, he is a fundamentalist but he bears no Islamic identity instead, he wears a Christian cross but shows no mercy.

It hurt in Norway! The pain is immense: Grief for young innocent lives-lost to families and friends; humiliation upon an entire country -so proud of its origins and ethnicity.
Norway, and its good people plunged in a world-wide scandal of this nature? What an unexpected and paradoxical situation?

The extent of the scandal. If this horror could have happened so easily as if nothing, as if nobody could have stopped it, then obviously there is reason for scandal. Not only..., it's scary!

Unbearable is the sentiment, insufferable is the post-traumatic syndrome that Breivik imposes on Norway and on its peaceful state of mind. One man because of some strange crack at different level of his personality has proven highly dangerous and is questionable... Moreover, the sentiment of despair and danger that Breivik has brings about to the world causes disbelief and brings distrust!

Wider scope/ At the roots of it all: On this occurrence,
Jacques Attali speaks of nationalism tendencies of the moment ...

At the heart of Breivik obsession, an obscure cohesion
of some world- wide ideology. This explains why Attali gives a few party names:“ Scandinavia, «the party of true Finns»; in Belgium, «the Flemish party»; in France, «the Front National»; the Tea Party in the United States, and many other nationalist movements, on the whole planet”.

Nationalism & extreme-right: Yes the northern world is claiming its own right of self-protection against invasion of its territory. The actual inhabitants of northern regions tends to suffer what will be evaluated and considered by them as detrimental to their wealth, good-standing and their organisations, not to forget high values (religious & cultural). When others drop by and decide to stay and occupy their space, this is considered highly toxic.

Amid the world- wide economical crisis, some individuals like Breivik may feel under pressure to boost their uniqueness or make a public display of their domination, strenght, performance and nationalism.
They believe in a deformed vision--- to be the only saviours of the world from what they believe to be an in-acceptable decadent political and social system. They stand-for and believe firmly into participation in a war of their own.

They see themselves as the ones who can confront/correct government's or public sector's decisions and policies of integration or multiculturalism. These individuals strongly endorse the faith to preservation of selfish privileges, exclusive paradise. Nobody will survive their ire.

Immigrants and their true purpose. Due to world situation, loads of immigrants are actively looking for better opportunities, better life in some adopted country. In reality, it is more often than conceivable, a matter of life and death for them.

Immigrants standard-wish and dream: A better standard of living within boundaries of their own cultural back- ground in observance of their spiritual beliefs. Their efforts, their dreams may be shattered and even their kids’ life taken if ultras- factions are active. The immigrants just don't expect such danger and if told, they would most certainly believe that such level of violence cannot exist.

And then:
THE DIGITAL WORLD of today: If the world is made of easy access to the world and to other individuals, due to millions of virtual friends who live and exchange in the global village (fb, Twitter, google etc.... are just a few). So easy, all it takes is simple clicks on sheer interest.
So much progress, such easy contacts and yet so much isolation. But the worst is insanity... yes, it can happen to the worst extent: The train of thoughts and clear vision can easily derail and spin-out in so many strange, unpredictable modes. It is not because of Internet but this instrument can be use as a levier.
At once, the massacre of Oslo exposed Breivik’s violence and did put it under lime light...with Breivik, who is the typical avid Internet user and committed publisher on the web.

We, in turn, we get to study the entire plot and can feel the drama! This is necessary? Yes, we believe so.

The frustrated Norwegian:
 The frustrated Norwegian turned master-mind conception of his terrorism project..., when he felt he had easy free-access to the world..., convinced was he, that he had enough values and theories of great importance he wanted transmitted to there world... Confidant he felt on top of the world, organising and conducting single- handily this nasty massacre. Believing to be the only true hero - exact projection of his creepy mind-set-, posting on the web a 1500 pages long manifesto... he engaged all the way in his final goal, destruction.

“Breivik released a 1,500-page manifesto before the attacks in which he ranted against Muslims and a left-wing political elite he claims is destroying Europe's cultural heritage by allowing unfettered immigration.! “
Wanting to preserve his personal paradise on a status-quo principle, the criminal crashed a beautiful world and amassed terror not only on his fellow=citizen’s head in Norway but on us all.

Who is responsible of the massacre of Oslo
and why?
If people want to get to the truth and learn from such horrid experience, it is a because everyone knows or feel that plenty of wrong feeds on fanaticism of which the consequence is death. To this there is no solution other than restraint, equilibrium and control.

Will this horrifying act be finally classified as an obscene act executed by a mentally ill? Going to such extremes as car-bombing the government’s offices building at Oslo centre, and as if this was not enough,going on at shouting and killing at gun-point nearly 77 young people from the working- class at a political annual youth rally, has one name and this is chaos. There is no doubt that it is for Professional psychiatrics and professional of the field of human mind, to study and make sens of this puzzle, this one troubled man and his unforgettable act!

What to make of it? Whatever the attempted logic behind this dreadful massacre, violence is never justifiable. For sure, one fact stands out: Evil thrives on people of various and any ethnic origin. For the moment it’s Breivik with his Nordic ADN who is the prophet...

Nor does evil have a specific place of predilection on this planet, a dark chosen inferno where he spreads desolation! However it is quite evident that conditions were favourable in Norway, causing this July, the burst of hatred of this particular-type of extremism.

There is no element of humanity but pure evil in Breivik’s theorised madness. The terrorist act of Breivik is nothing short of being a starter of the extreme-right movement pushing for fiasco, conducting to chaos. it’s all terribly sad and definitely wrong in so many ways, including its xenophobic and racist resurgence!

Now is the time to say no and move against the return of a proven destructive movement of the 30’s, rejuvenated but identified as
Breivik’s avatar.

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