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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

UK Riots and Gun Control

Paul A Drockton M.A.

UK Riot Thug on Facebook Shows Off "Night's Work"

Its time to call "Rioting" what it really is. A license to steal and destroy other people's property and lives. The UK riots began because a black man, alleged drug dealer and gang member, who was the father of four, was shot and killed by a white police officer.

"The death of Mark Duggan (15 September 1981 - 5 August 2011) occurred during a police interception in Tottenham, London, England. Duggan, an alleged drug dealer and gang member, and father of 4 was shot and killed by police officers in an armed confrontation. His shooting was mentioned as a trigger factor in the 2011 London riots.

The Metropolitan Police had stopped a minicab which was carrying Duggan as a passenger. The independent police watchdog said it appeared a police officer was shot first before police returned fire, however it was later confirmed that it was indeed the the police officer who fired the first shot and not Duggan. Friends and relatives of Duggan claimed that he was unarmed. However, tests on the weapon that was found on Duggan revealed that the replica pistol had been converted to fire live ammunition. The media reported that a bullet was found embedded in a police radio, implying Duggan fired on the police. The Guardian reported that initial ballistics tests on the bullet recovered from the police radio indicate it was a hollow-point bullet, which is consistent with those issued to police. The IPCC has since announced that there is no evidence that Duggan shot at the police.

Police who shot Duggan were part of Operation Trident, a London Metropolitan police unit which deals with gun crime in black communities."

As the above photo demonstrates, it wasn't about Dugan at all. It was about looting, pillaging and plundering for personal gain. If it was about Dugan and his four children, then let looters sell everything they stole, and donate it to Dugan's surviving family members. I grow weary of those that justify the commission of crimes based on platitudes and someone else's misery.

I also grow weary of Illuminati organized provocations designed to pit whites against blacks and vice-a-versa. Apparently, the London riot was organized by agent provocateurs, that used Facebook and Twitter to rally their forces. Which brings us to UK gun control laws:

"A shotgun is, broadly speaking for certification purposes, a smooth-barrelled gun which discharges a number of pellets, rather than a single projectile, when it is fired. Shotguns held on a SGC must not be capable of holding more than three cartridges in total. They may be single barrel, double barrel, pump action or semi-automatic, but the three cartridge limit still applies and the barrel(s) must be longer than 24 inches. Pumps and semi-autos must be longer than 40 inches overall.

An application for an SGC can be obtained from any police station. For an application to be successful applicants must demonstrate to the police that they have satisfactory security in place and that the possession of a shotgun would not constitute a danger to public safety or to the peace. Applicants must nominate a counter-signatory to approve their application and must declare all criminal convictions, no matter how old or trivial. The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act does not apply in respect of firearms legislation. Once granted, an SGC is valid for five years and authorises the possession of any number of shotguns and most types of shotgun ammunition. There is no minimum age for the grant of an SGC.

"Shotguns which have barrels shorter than 24 inches, or which are capable of firing more than three shots without reloading, may NOT be held on an SGC. They are dealt with under the FAC provisions. Similarly some types of shotgun ammunition, such as solid slug cartridges, may only be held on an FAC." (Source)

When dealing with an angry mob of looters, many of which are armed, firing only 3 shots before being forced to reload will definitely shorten a property owner's life. Police, on the other hand, use riot shotguns with a shortened barrel (illegal for citizens in the UK) and capable of holding up to 10 shells (Also illegal in the UK). (Source)

Police also have the option of using non-lethal rounds (like bean bags). Shotguns can also shoot rock salt. Yet, none of these options are available to shop owners or those trying to protect their property. This gives criminal mobs the advantage, when they can overwhelm police, and property owners have no real way of defending themselves or their families.

I have heard and seen first-hand accounts of how a shotgun was an effective deterrent during the Los Angeles Riots, and stopped some business owners from being victimized. Business and property owners in the UK should demand the same gun ownership rights for themselves.

A shorter barrelled shotgun, capable of firing 10 rounds without reloading, would send punks like the one above, dashing into the night empty-handed.

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