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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Monsanto’s FDA Goes After the Country’s Only Safe Milk

By Yumi Dood

Dairy is central to both the food supply and to sustainable agriculture. The FDA (run by Monsanto) is taking it apart. Rather than being harmful, raw milk is the only safe milk in the US and has innumerable benefits not found in pasteurized milk.

The health community (doctors, researchers, public health officials) need to stop being misled by corporate media and find out what is happening to their own food. They might be interested to know that the new “food safety” law that gave so much power to the FDA to go after big corporate facilities with deadly contamination is being used just as farmers said it would be — to get rid of access to safe food and shut down natural and organic farmers.

They might also be surprised to learn that Obama put Monsanto in a position to be in charge of all food and farms in the USby making a Monsanto VP named Michael Taylor, Czar of the food safety division of the FDA. That division (that is to say, Monsanto) is in court right now attempting to remove the right to choose food, consume or feed our children the food of our choice, the right to contract between ourselves (for it or anything else), and the right to our bodily and physical health. Worse, the case appears rigged to be lost and to leave those precedents.

Will the scientific/medical/public health community wake up to what is happening and the threat to their own food supply? How quickly can they then begin to appreciate that they got duped on what is safe and what is dangerous.

It turns out that pasteurized milk doesn’t reach a high enough temperature to kill off the Crohn’s bacterium getting into the milk from the sick cows in the industrial dairy herd. The temperature is high enough to destroy enzymes and friendly bacteria, though.

The lie about raw milk being dangerous serves to end sustainable agriculture (dairy is essential to it) and local organic food and farmers markets, so there will only be corporate food, and no more truly safe, truly whole food.

“How could this be,” they might ask, “since that would mean everyone would become sick?”

No truer assessment could be spoken, though it may be hard to take in, but not, however, if one appreciates that great profits are to be made from those diseases. Once that becomes plain, suddenly one can see the Idiot Cycle we have all been on that requires our being sick. Real food is healing so it must be criminalized and Monsanto is going about that like gang-busters, or rather, like farmer-busters — leaving the dairy “gangs” un-busted.

When it comes to getting rid safe food so all the food is controlled by corporations and making sure food is lacking in real value, that is a partial description of Codex Alimentarius. One need only eliminate nutritional supplements to complete the full Codex plan — inescapable ill health and immeasurable pharmaceutical profits. Dame Judy Dench narrates an excellent video on it, called We Become Silent.

About what Monsanto just did in California, we can’t be silent. This follows recent news about the safety of raw milk.

And yet the conspiracy is on Monsanto’s part (as this video shows), while the government’s interest in actual “food safety” is a lie. Why did Obama put Monsanto’s VP Michael Taylor as Czar of the FDA’s food safety division? He came in on Obama’s transition team. How did he get there? What deals were struck? Did money change hands? Were there threats?

Obama remains silent as the FDA organizes armed raids on innocent people, confiscating and destroying truly safe food.

The National Health Federation wrote:

“A Medline search [search terms: raw milk death/raw milk fatality/raw milk fatal/raw milk fatalities] produced a single citation of a single case of death in 1983 of a 72-year-old woman during “an outbreak of illness caused by raw milk” (Tacket CO, Dominguez LB, Fisher HJ, Cohen ML. JAMA. 1985 Apr 12;253(14):2058-60.) Since Medline citations go back to 1949, this means that, absent information to the contrary, there has been one Medline-documented fatality over a period of 57 years from the consumption of raw milk produced in theUnited States.

“How do FDA-approved drugs compare? Even if one considered only the last 21 years of this 57-year period (starting with the GAO Report year of 1985), using the conservative figure of 100,000 deaths per year from the use of properly-prescribed-and-used FDA-approved drugs, then the death-toll from the use of FDA-approved drugs over this considerably shorter period of time has been at least 2,100,000 victims.”

But isn’t pasteurized milk safer?

No. Back in 2000, the LA Times reported that researchers discovered that the microorganism that causes Crohn’s disease is transmitted via milk. It turns out that pasteurized milk can be cultured for the Crohn’s bacterium. The FDA has known this for more than a decade and has done nothing.

Crohn’s statistics are not pretty. The incidence of Crohn’s disease was 7 new cases per 100,000 people per year (1984–1993) which jumped in 2001 to 162 cases per 100,000 people per year, while the hospitalizations for Crohn’s in 2002 was 104,780, and in the same year, the mortality was 825 deaths.

The source of the Crohn’s bacterium appears to be the diseased cattle living under terrible conditions in the industrial dairy system.

Raw milk, on the other hand, is produced by local farmers outside the industrial system. The cows on these farms are typically raised on grass (their natural diet), so are not fed GMOs, pesticides, slaughter house waste, and do not live under disease producing conditions. They are not given hormones, antibiotics or the 20 or more drugs industrial dairy cows ingest.

The industrial dairy system is quite another thing. Here is a 4-minute video on the Dairy Industry and its Hard Core Corruption, Politics, and Poisoning.

It’s interesting to see the comparison between raw milk’s safety and pasteurized milk’s dangers is similar to the safety of nutritional supplements compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

Here, too, the FDA is trying to eliminate safe nutritional supplements (which are health giving and even curative) while the FDA allows drugs that are killing people in large numbers.

Codex works the same on food and nutritional supplements – get rid of what is safe using thuggish raids; leave in place what kills in the thousands. Philip Rudnick wrote a well-cited report on FDA-approved drugs and produced the following chart:

Annual Deaths From:

FDA-Approved Drugs (1)…….60,000 – 140,000
Food Contamination (2)………………………….9,100
Aspirin (3)…………………………………………………..90
All vitamins (4). …………………………………………. 0
Uncontaminated amino acids (4)……………………0
Commercial herbs (4)…………………………………… 0

1. Classen, et al., “Surveillance of Adverse Drug Events,” JAMA, 1991
2. Centers for Disease Control
3. FDA Fact Sheet, July 1971
4. American Association of Poison Control Centers (data for years 1983-1990 as published in American Journal of Emergency Medicine)

Comparisons between people may be odious but comparisons between raw milk and pasteurized industrial milk can be quite eye-opening as this chart reveals.

Without a doubt, pasteurization kills off all friendly bacteria. It’s purpose is to do just that. Despite FDA and dairy industry fear mongering, many people know that friendly bacteria comprise part of the human immune system, helping them to avoid disease. People seek out raw milk because it is rich in friendly bacteria.

It seems that Yale researchers have proved them wise. They discovered certain friendly bacteria that protect against Type 1 diabetes.

So, raw milk is not only safe and curative, but also protective against disease. Meanwhile, pasteurized milk is full of GMOs, pesticides, drugs, and Crohn’s bacterium, with no friendly bacteria to heal things.

William Campbell Douglass II, MD writes rather fun pieces on serious medical issues. In Drugged up on Milk, he has a field day with pasteurized milk from the industrial dairy industry:

“If there’s anything more tainted than a glass of water, it’s store-bought milk. The pasteurization process that’s supposed to make milk ‘safe’ robs it of all nutrition while doing zilch to break down all the drugs, hormones and other chemicals secretly (and illegally) given to dairy cows.”

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