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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oslo Bomb Blast: "This is the work of Knut and me"

Jens Stoltenberg and Storberget visited Saturday the broken blew offices in the government quarter.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Minister of Justice Knut Storberget took Saturday night the scene of bomb attack in øyensyn.
When the powerful car bomb struck the government building Friday. 15.26, large parts of the city center turned into it most of all, resembled a war zone from a distant land.
Even the Prime Minister's office, located at the top of the tallest building by Einar Gerhardsen place, was hit by the bomb.

The devastation at the government building is very large.  This is part of the building where the Big Mountain and Stoltenberg has offices.  PHOTO: PAAL Audestad

- This is where we have colleagues and friends
- This is the work of Knut and me. This is where we daily walk, the colleagues and friends. It makes an impression. We had the opportunity to greet the police officers who work here. It is demanding work to identify dead people. There is no easy task, and I want to thank them for the job they have done, said Stoltenberg after the site inspection.
Neither Stoltenberg, or Big Mountain would say about their immediate colleagues were among those killed or still missing.
- We will go out with later. But it is obvious that there had been more people here, several have died. But there are seven fatalities, it is missing. It is very serious what has happened, said Stoltenberg.
- It is pure evil
- We expected that there was major damage, but to see how extensive that is, it makes an impression, said Stoltenberg.
He also said that the fallen parts of the government building while he watched.
- This is evil, pure evil, and it is important that we stand up against it, said Stoltenberg told the attending press corps.
The Prime Minister urged the same time the Norwegian people now to stand together.

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