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Friday, July 22, 2011

Blast hits government buildings in Oslo, Norway; shooter arrested at youth camp ( PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Victim: Woman covered in blood is led away from the scene following the explosion this afternoon
Utter devastation in the centre of the Norwegian capital Oslo as victims are treated in the streets strewn with debris
A seriously injured female victim is carried away from the scene by police officers
Smoke billows from a 17-storey government building after a powerful explosion rocked central Oslo
The wreckage of a car lies outside government buildings in the centre of Oslo. Police have confirmed the blast was caused by a bomb
Rescue teams lead away a victim on a stretcher following the blast in Oslo
Devastation: More rescue workers pick their way through the wreckage to rescue victims
Thomas Winje/AFP/Getty Images
Debris: Police and rescue workers tend to a wounded person caught up in the blast
Debris covers the area outside a building in the centre of Oslo with hundreds of windows shattered
Shards of glass lay strewn on the pavement following the blast. It is not known how many people are injured
Glass is strewn all over the inside of one building as workers rush to escape through the shards
Fortunately, it was a public holiday and the offices were less busy than a normal weekday.

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