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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Haiti-US: dual nationality in order to contribute to Haiti's development

Dual nationality is demanding that members of the Haitian diaspora in the United States to better contribute to the development of the country hardest hit by the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Claims that coincide with National Day of the diaspora on April 20.

Members of Congress to strengthen Haiti Haiti (CHFH) appeal to the patriotism of the 49th parliament elected. They wish that they vote in favor of the law on dual citizenship in the next session of Parliament where MPs and senators should consider amending the constitution.
"When you deprive a Haitian living outside the country of the right to dual nationality is a legitimate and inalienable right that he takes away", said Claude Alix, a member of Congress who suggested that acceptance of dual nationality in Haiti will help put the country on track of development.

Founded in 2004 after the destruction of the city of Gonaives by the passage of Tropical Storm Jeanne, the Haitian Congress to strengthen Haiti began working on the issue of dual citizenship since 2005, said Aline Lauture, executive director of CHFH.

Ms. Lauture added that Congress has already developed and submitted several documents on file at the Haitian government and has organized conferences which were attended by parliamentarians and representatives of political parties in Haiti.

"The Congress is not a political organization, it is open to receive contributions from anyone, what is its political sensitivity, to allow dual nationality to become a reality in Haiti," argued Ms. Lauture.

The CHFH was born in Chicago in 2004, it's mission is to mobilize human and material resources to contribute positively Haiti has a more stable, more peaceful and prosperous, "said Claude Alix.

Claude continued as the organization works on three axes: One axis in which youth, members of Congress working with young people born outside the country by passing on their cultural and linguistic heritage through courses and other Creole activities.

Recall that the Haitian government has declared April 20 National Day of the diaspora.

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